Paint sales

prodej-barevOur company is an exclusive distributor for NEOKEM SA and one of the dealers of powder paints made by GI Color S.R.L. These are leading European manufacturers of high quality products with a wide range of colours – both classic RAL colours as well as a large number of metallic shades. These companies are continuously working on new technologies and production procedures, and are holders of the Qualicoat certificate.

Advantages of Neokem paints:

  • High quality (Qualicoat and GSB certification)
  • 3 colour series (the most popular being the Prisma Series)
  • Unique appearance
  • Perfect adhesion
  • Long-lasting colour fastness

The basic RAL colours are available in gloss, matt, semi-gloss or textured finishes. These paints can be used in both interior and exterior applications (façade quality).

Samples, sample painting as well as choosing the most suitable paints and colour shades are part of our standard service.

We offer qualified technical support; our client care doesn’t end with selling you the paint!

File name File size Format Note
Powder coatings 206 kb pdf Powder coatings for outdoor use including automatical chemical pre-treatment


File name File size Format Note
Epoxy polyester 231 kb pdf gloss, smooth
Epoxy polyester 170 kb pdf mat
Epoxy polyester 292 kb pdf structure - 3rd level
Outdoor polyester 289 kb pdf gloss, smooth
Outdoor polyester 223 kb pdf mat, smooth
Outdoor polyester 174 kb pdf metalic, gloss
Outdoor polyester 210 kb pdf prisma serie
Industry epoxy polyester 178 kb pdf semi-gloss
Industry polyester 183 kb pdf semi-gloss, smooth
Industry polyester 178 kb pdf structure - 3rd level

Technical Data Sheets

File name File size Format Note
EP 160 177 kb pdf
EP 160 CW 234 kb pdf
EP 165 174 kb pdf
EP 300 176 kb pdf
PP 101 193 kb pdf
PP 151 239 kb pdf
PP 300 176 kb pdf
PP 300 CW 232 kb pdf
PP 600 237 kb pdf