Types of coatings

All the below listed paints used by our company are Qualicoat and GSB certified.

Types of powder coatings and their intended applications

  • Epoxy coatings
    Intended for interior use only. These paints are pretty resilient against corrosion and against some chemicals found in interiors.
  • Epoxy polyester coatings
    Coatings suitable for interior applications but also for short exposure to the effects of weather.
  • Polyester coatings with Qualicoat certificate
    Can be used on exteriors only. They are highly resilient against the effects of weather and also against UV radiation.
  • Polyurethane coatings
    Extremely resilient paints against the effects of weather.
  • Acrylic coatings
    Used in the automotive industry.

The applied paint finish may have a different texture as preferred by the client:

  • Matt
  • Gloss
  • Semi-gloss
  • Textured
  • Metallic
  • Hammered

The minimum thickness of the coat layer is 60 – 100 micrometres, to ensure adequate surface resilience. The thickness also depends on the colour shade used.