Price list

The price depends on shape and complicacy of coating products. It also depends on quantity and used decor pattern. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us and you will receive the quotation immediatelly.

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Here you can find the form. Please fill all the required files to make the precise quotation. We will contact you as soon as possible.


Which service are you interested in?
Proces of available surface finishes
PROFILES For the price quotation please contact our sales department.
In profiles, the entire circumference is always taken into account, irrespective of the visible side. Area = circumference x length.
SHEET METAL For the price quotation please contact our sales department.
Coated area is calculated from the shape of unrolled sheet. A 30% surcharge is charged for one-sided coatwork.
DECORAL LINE (WOOD PATTERN) For the price quotation please contact our sales department.
CHEMICAL PRE-TREATMENT We offer automatic chemical pre-treatment on an ecological and chrome-free basis. The whole process takes place in 5 chambers.
COATING REMOVAL We can arrange coating removal on an outsourcing basis. We closely cooperate with foreign and local coating removal plants.
PACKAGING COSTS Standard packaging +7% added to basic price.
CHARGES Determined individually according to client’s requests, job complexity, etc. For the price quotation please contact our sales department.
Payment and delivery terms
PAYMENT TERMS Payment terms are always determined on the basis of the job volume and client’s payment track record. A new client usually pays the first order in cash.
DELIVERY TERMS As soon as possible, subject to production capacities.
DELIVERY PRICES Prices do not include VAT, transport to the client and various charges.
Technological Conditions
MAXIMUM DIMENSIONS 9 x 2.4 x 0.6 m (length x height x width), maximum weight 750 kg per hanger.
CURING PARAMETERS Standard oven curing temperature is 180 - 200°C. Curing time always depends on the type of material.
Quality warranties
Surface finish quality is governed by stringent rules. The coat layer must be at least 60 – 100 micrometres.
For powder-coated aluminium profiles of façade grade we provide a warranty on colour fastness and coating adhesion of up to 60 months.
We do not provide a warranty on eloxed profiles which have already been coated or dual-colour, and on galvanised material which has come into contact with various oils or mastics.