GSB INTERNATIONAL is an organisation whose goal is to continuously improve and guarantee the quality of surface treatment of construction elements for exterior use. It endeavours to achieve this by means of strict regulations, which comply with the newest technologies. GSB INTERNATIONAL provides application of know-how and expertise to increase productivity and satisfaction of customers in the field of surface treatment.


QUALICOAT is an internationally recognised “organisation quality mark”, the objective of which is to maintain and improve the quality of surface finishing of aluminium and its alloys, especially their architectural applications. The mark can be awarded only to an organisation (powder coating plant, paint producer or producer of pre-treatment chemicals) that meets QUALICOAT’s stringent requirements on quality.


QUALIDECO is a quality mark which defines and regulates decorative surface finishing of materials (such as wood pattern effects). It encompasses a broad spectrum of applications of attractive surface finishes based on transferring images onto a painted surface, or a so-called powder-on-powder application system, using suitable technologies. Other technologies may be used only if they have been approved in advance by the QUALIDECO committee. 

TIGER Consult austria

TIGER Consult is the consulting arm of TIGER Coatings GmbH & Co. KG, operating in global network structures with the company marks TIGER Drylac® a TIGER Inkjet®.


IGP Pulvertechnik AG was found in 1968 by several in chemical industry well-known Suisse companies.

The company guarantees high quality, durable, ecological system solutions in the sectors of architecture, wooden materials, transport and industry. More information: www.igp.ch.