A process in which an image is transferred from a sheet to material.
Demi Water
Demineralised water rid of all ion-soluble substances and silicon.
Chemical surface pre-treatment.
Synonym for powder coating.
A unit of thickness of the pulverised paint layer.
A basic chemical pre-treatment for removing impurities from material surfaces, including degreasing.
Nabudur STI/152 S
Chemical preparation for etching.
Nabuphor LKI/80
Degreasing and phosphating pre-treatment for steel.
Nabutan STI/310
Passivating preparation with zero chromium and phosphate content for better paint adhesion and excellent corrosion prevention.
Production of a protective layer on a material surface to prevent corrosion.
Cure oven
The area where powder coating curing takes place.
RAL colour chart

The RAL colour chart is a globally recognised standard for a scale of colour shades which is used mainly in industrial production of interior and exterior paints and in the construction industry in general. The idea behind it is to always get exactly the same colour shade.

At present the RAL colour chart has two series:
  • RAL Classic which comprises 210 shades including metallic, used primarily in industrial production (steelwork, furniture manufacture, etc.).
  • RAL Design which comprises 1625 shades intended primarily for a precise selection of colour shades in interior design.
Quick heating of the painted material in double-layer painting.