The Decoral line - Basic information

decoral line The Decoral surface finish technology guarantees an unmistakeable appearance of a painted surface. This resultant design effect is achieved by applying special powder paint followed by sublimation of ink from the transfer foil in which the object to be thus decorated is placed. The foil transfers patterns such as wood, granite, marble or other atypical décors.

All paints and foils are subject to Qualideco certification.

Therefore this is a unique technology for demanding design patterns, where standard powder paints will not suffice.

The Decoral technology guarantees that the surface is covered throughout the full length of the profile or sheet metal, and its mechanical resilience together with high quality of colour and gloss.

Thus there are practically no limits to possible graphic design solutions. The Decoral line is characterised by top quality and absolute accuracy to create imaginative, abstract three-dimensional images.

This system is being demanded more and more frequently in home architecture.

ALBIXON's powder coating plant is endowed with biggest Decoral Line in Czech republic. The Decoral Line allows us to adapt to the modern architecture which is increasingly demanding. Strict inspections and quality control ensure the perfection of the final decors and patterns.

Decoral System is one of the 16 companies of Gruppo VIV, which started its business in 1973 by anodizing and later by powder painting. The company keeps dealing with research and its main activity is high-quality finishing of aluminium with perfect imitations of surface decors such is wood, marble, granite and. DECORAL® was patented in 1994 and since then the world of aluminium has changed completely. The ecological aspect and versatility of DECORAL® significantly extends the possibilities of furniture makers, architects, designers, and it stimulates and satisfies even the requirements of the most demanding customers.

Today Decoral System is globally recognized as the LEADER OF DECORATING METAL ITEMS. Decoral System is a manufacturer of high-quality raw materials and technologically advanced devices, specially developed for sublimation process and, thanks to its own research centre, the products of Decoral brand are quality guarantee. The products are examined and tested in details by certification companies, which have issued the QUALIDECO trademark guaranteeing, all over the world, the suitability of such a product for outdoor applications with high weather resistance. DECORAL® plants and products currently appear in 98 countries all over the world with more than 600 devices installed.

Decoral® Process

The manufacturing company Decoral deals particularly with decorating aluminium componnets and sheets. However, it is possible to decor also 3D objects, glass, plastics, ceramics and other materials resistant to a temperature of 200 °C at which the decorating process occurs via sublimation.  Sublimation is a chemical-physical process during which the substance transforms from solid state to gaseous state without undergoing liquid state.

Decoral process in practice

The following is needed to decorate objects:

  • Decorating equipment
  • Special polyurethane paint with sublimation properties
  • Transfer foil with print with sublimation ink

Technological procedure:

After the appropriate pre-treatment, a powder polyurethane paint in thickness 60-90 microns, as the base, is applied electrostatically on a metal object and then  burned at 200 °C. After cooling down, the object is wrapped in a film with sublimation ink and placed on a frame, from which all air is sucked off completely. Thanks to the created vacuum, the foil perfectly adheres to the entire surface of the object. The next step is moving the frame into a burning oven in which, at a temperature of 200 °C, the ink penetrates the burnt powder paint foil to create a perfect final decor. After removing the frame from the burning oven in reverse manner, the object is cooled by air and then the foil without ink is simply removed.

How does the whole decorating process work?

  • Decor selection – the customer chooses particular decor which is always comprised of a priming polyurethane powder paint and a special foil that contains the respective pattern. In all patterns, the surface texture can be either plain or in a so-called fine texture. The finish is always given by the selected priming powder paint.
  • When a decor has been selected, the particular material must be first powder coated. The powder coating is preceded by chemical pre-treatment, material drying, then the application of the powder and burning in the oven.
  • Now that the material is coated with the priming polyurethane powder paint. The next step is decoration.
  • The decorating process is performed in a special Decoral line, when the material is placed into the so-called sleeve, which is made up of a Decoral film. This film contains an ink and the respective pattern which, in connection with the polyurethane powder paint, provides the final effect. This effect occurs by the so-called heat transfer at a temperatures of ca. 200 °C and time approx. 15 minutes. All of this is performed on the Decoral line.
  • When the material comes out of the Decoral line, the operator removes the film, which is now without the pattern and it cannot be used any more.
  • This is followed by an inspection, packing according to the customer’s needs and dispatch.
  • Almost anything made of aluminium or iron can be decorated, but our company is specialized primarily in aluminium sections (up to 9 m in length) and aluminium sheets in dimensions 4 m in length and 1 m in width.